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Welcome To The Battlefield 3&4 Division for ADMG Gaming Now if you are a guest or a member that is fine but if you as well are guest that is interested in joining ADMG then you must have Xbox360 or you don't have the most important requirement needed to be a member. But if you indeed have this requirement then I can now tell you the other requirements needed to join the clan is I don't have as a mandatory requirement but it is much easier to rank up
if you Change your Gamertag to for Example(ADMGxVoltic) Or the Gamertag
 can be (ADMGxWhatever) you choose but you want but if you change your Gamertag it must have ADMG in it if you are part of ADMG Gaming. Now if you want More information you can Message the Clan Founder who is ADMGAdmiralGhos or the Division  Leader for  Battle Field who is  ADMGghostsniper . Now let me let you know that if you message The Founder or the Division Leader Please verify who you are how you found us and that you saw the website and was interested in joining the Battlefield division and please if you are joining when you put your display name please verify who you are as well to the previous people mentioned for messaging . And if you some how found this site   and if you don't see more things you can click join the COD Bl2 Division and see more their because we still haven't got a YouTube for Battlefield or the Halo 4  Divisions we will soon get that up and running but of course we need to find people with PVR's and Good Editors to edit the videos so we can become famous as Optic & Faze But that will Be it and if you Can't reach the founder or the division leader online then you can Email the founder at AdmiralGhost365@Gmail.com Okay now then thank you For reading this and Visiting The site HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!.
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