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You Agree To Be On Xbox Care for the Clan not Disrespect The founder or any higher up at that matter  and please no corals with clan mates because that is one thing the Founder doesn't like and to not complain about rank ups demotions and etc.... because you are replaceable always remember that because the founder doesn't tolerate any competition and if you ever see any corals that you report it to you higher up as soon as possible and on unless very personal occupation You are Required to Change Your Xbox Live Gamertag Not Change But Have for Example (ADMGxVoltic) or ADMGxWhatever you please but this is only required to rank up quicker and if you will be inactive for 2 days and + you will have to message AdmiralGhost365 or ADMGxMAVIRICK on Xbox Live ahead of time because if your inactive for more than 6 days without messaging the people previously mentioned then you will be kicked out of the clan unless you are active on the website and the website tells the personnel previously mention how active are members and when so yea  .

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